Fall Final Projects

The Foreclosure Crisis & Animals


Lisa Naujokaitis, Amina Ziri, Cindy Tyler

The purpose for this site is to inform visitors about the ever-growing rate of animals coming from foreclosed homes and being cared for at Phoenix animals shelters, specifically The Arizona Humane Society.

Check out the last video posted on the videos tab! Ride along with an Emergency Animal Medical Technician responding to an abandonment call.


The Happiness Project

Healther, Morgan, Natalie, Leslie

We acknowledge that we’re living in a time of uncertainty.  Unemployment rates

are at a high (something no college student wants to hear), healthcare is on the verge of change, and people are anxious about what tomorrow might bring.

It doesn’t take a college degree to realize that the standing circumstances have left people in a funk.  Our goal is to show you that you have plenty of reasons to be and stay happy, despite uncertain, bleak situations.

We’ve dubbed our efforts, “The Happiness Project.”

Fall Sports

Brad Boyd, Dan Chelgren, Anthony Reda, Brealyn Nenes

A blog encompassing football and baseball highlights, player profiles, tailgater snapshots, and sports bar reviews.

Team Engage


Conor Dorney, Cody Simpson, Tara Fairweather

Arizona CityFest is a community-wide service project, spanning several months, that hopes to better life in our community in many areas. It’s “Season of Service” includes service projects in the Valley and impact day events such as School Beautification and Tree Planting and Park Cleanups.

Throughout the course of the semester, Team Engage will post a variety of multimedia updates on the progress of not just Arizona CityFest, but our project itself.


Tempe Town Lake

Sarah Katz, Nicole Klauss, Jocelyn Botero

On July 20, 2010, one of the bladders of the dam of Tempe Town Lake burst and all of the water went running into the Salt River, leaving the lake high and dry. The blog topic will be Tempe Town Lake and it’s progress throughout the fall semester.


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