Guest Speakers

Alex Berger–The Travel Blogger

Alex Berger

Alex generated a great discussion about how blogs have changed over time and their function in society, business and newsrooms.

Alex is a 2007 Arizona State University graduate from the Barrett Honors College and Hugh Downs School of Human Communication.  Exposed to travel at an early age when his family struck out from the US and spent a year backpacking through Europe in place of 5th grade and then again RVing around the United States in place of 7th Alex had a unique childhood that exposed him to alternative forms of education while giving him a unique insight into the world at large. More recently he serves as the Founder and CEO of the 3D distance learning company FusionVirtual, works as a Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst, authors the travel blog VirtualWayfarer, runs the websites The Ultimate Packing List and Travel Resource List, is an avid social media expert and active guest lecturer when not traveling the world.

Kyle Burke–ABC15 Photographer/Satellite Truck Operator

Kyle Burke

Kyle worked with the students on learning how to operate their HD Sony Handycams. We also spoke about shooting basics like the rule of thirds, what it means to “cross the axis” and shot composition.

I was born and raised in Arizona, growing up in Kingman.  After I graduated from Kingman High School I attended Arizona State University where I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Management from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

I began my television career at ASU on the production crew for KAET Ch. 8, I also served as a videographer and editor there as well.  In 1998 I started working at Fox 10 in Phoenix as an editor.  In 2004 I moved over to ABC 15 as an editor and was then able to move up to videographer.  I have also done some work as an MMJ in my time with ABC 15.

Throughout my career I have done quite a bit of freelance work with the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Coyotes, Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Diamondbacks.

I have been nominated for an Emmy on three occasions, having won one time for a story I edited while at Fox 10.


Stephen “Mac” MacKellar Jr. –The ABC15 IT Guy

Stephen "Mac" MacKellar Jr.

Mac helped the students understand basic HTML.  How to read it and how to use it to modify their blogs.

Mac was born and raised in Michigan, where he got his associates degree in Computer Science at Oakland Community College, he also is a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician.  He worked for his family business running their IT department for nearly 10 years.

He then moved to El Paso, Texas in 2005 to open and run a manufacturing division of his family business that supported the automotive industry.  When the auto industry started it’s decline, he moved to Phoenix in 2007 when he realized IT was his passion.

He began working at KNXV in March 2008 in IT/Engineering department.  He works with the Apple network that includes Final Cut Server, and two XSANs.  He also works closely with MMJs day to day supporting the technology they use to get the job done.

Matt Dutile–The Photographer

Matt Dutile

I’m Matt. I’m a creator – of fun, of spontaneity, of coordinated mayhem, of conversations, of “did he just do that?” moments and particularly of images.
I’m a problem solver and story teller, an experience maker and originator. Sometimes I rhyme. Mostly I smile.
We walk through most of our lives unaware of the fleeting little moments constantly happening all around us, the connectivity of our interactions. It’s the energy of life and it’s what I work to capture in my photography. I’m a photographer of moments.
I like to share my work, reach out to new people and create…creative…conversation. You can connect with me anytime on Facebook. I have a small obsession with sticky notes.
I’m all about creating an atmosphere of enjoyment and involvement; not only for the people viewing my photos, but especially for everyone I work with. I’ve always considered great photography to be not just about the images I create, but the entire enjoyable experience with a client and team.


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