Spring: Meet the Students!

Team: The Tempe Grapevine

Team Tempe Grapevine

Allison Oswalt, Samantha Valtierra Bush, Micaela Encinas, Macy Fuquay

Development activity has slowed in Downtown Tempe in the last three years, in part because of large scale projects that seem to be stuck in limbo between the blueprint and building stages. Problems have also arisen with major redevelopment plans, which came at the same time the economy started to decline.

Our goal here will be investigating how Downtown Tempe has recovered from many of its failed endeavors and what will change in order to promote growth.

Team Fit

Team Fit

Samantha Fitzgerald, Erin Mahoney, Janelle Ericsson, Ryer Ulland

We want to give you a forum that’s straight-forward on food, fitness, and fun for everyone! Our goal is to provide a wide demographic of people with the tools they need to live a healthy life. Whether you are struggling with weight issues, are a fast-food junkie, a health-nut, a starving college student, or just someone looking to make a change in your diet, this blog will satisfy your appetite!

Team: The Fourth Estate

Team Fourth Estate

Morgan Sailor, Stephanie Ostos, Kim Ferrari, Shane McOwen

Each year millions of refugees are forced from their homes. These displaced people often end up in camps in countries or areas where they are safe before being relocated to a country where they can gain citizenship. Our blog is going to tell the untold stories of refugees who live here in Phoenix.

Team Medical Marijuana

Team Medical Marijuana

Marshall Eckert, Christopher Smith, Nicholas Licalzi, Megan Mattox

Our project will outline the debate and controversy that the new law with regards to the legalization of marijuana will have on the state of Arizona.  The law was controversial when it was passed and we hope to outline the conflicts that the law faces.

Team LoveHub

Team Love Hub

Nina Raad, Brianna Wyatt, McKenzie Hunter, Michelle Brycki

The LoveHub is an interactive, multimedia blog dedicated to researching the one thing that all humans have in common: LOVE!


One response to “Spring: Meet the Students!

  1. Love the projects! Looks like you are all cranking away and learning a ton. Great work so far!

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